Who am I? 


Bonus points if you know this song.. if not thats ok.( I still  like you)

WARNING- I like exclamation points, and probably use commas in the wrong places. Also it hurts my brain to try to write perfectly.SO..if you’re looking for that, you won’t find that here. Woosh.. Now that we got that out of the way!! 

Hi.. Hello.. How are ya?!  My name is Rachel Hughes or on the streets they call me Ray Ray. I’m just kidding, but seriously my name is Rachel.

I’m a wifey to my stud man of a husband Curtis and mama bear to my little Emery Genevieve(shes fancy!)

I like to be inspired, and inspire others.My goal here at the joy company is to share of the power of joy,and join along side of a company of people who feel the same way!  

Whether it’s sharing a story, a good laugh, or learning something new, this created space in my little corner of the inter webs is safe. It’s a safe place to enjoy,be enjoyed,and all are welcomed!

 I hope you find a little piece of yourself in these pages, and come away with your head held higher, and your heart more free. Hopefully  we can learn and grow together on this  crazy wild ride called life!

Cheers, and here’s to brighter days!!


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