Good for you. 

​Its hard to experience disappointment or suffering and pain but,my friends I promise you there can be good found woven in to all these things. We go through different  times in our lives and can feel stuck  or just plain disappointed at where we are. We feel unseen or even helpless at times. I want to take a moment to speak to you where you’re at today. 
First,to the disappointed ones- . The growth found in the waiting. The character that was carved through patience.  The strength  that was formed in the unknowing.  There’s hope and something better awaits you in perfect time! Don’t give up. 

 Next,to those struggling with sickness or with  loved ones who are .I  ask you to cling on to hope and have open arms to receive help when help is given.To let compassion and sympathy for others grow in your heart. To see the love that fights and stands by your bedside. To allow something greater than all of us to bring rest to your weary heart.We can find glimpses of good whether its found in a home cooked meal brought over by a neighbor, or the reconnecting of a relationship during this difficult time.  These small moments are nothing less than good to be received and cherished. 

To the underappreciated worker- you are seen!  Your hardwork will pay off in due season, and sometimes things done in silence speak louder than things done for mans approval.

 Lastly,to the mama covered in banana  that gave up her day job. And feels overwhelmed and grieving her glory days-

 YOU’RE  doing great things! 

  I know it’s  hard ..but you’re writing the greatest stories ever told! The pages are filled with memories of fort making,finger painting,story times and sweet snuggles.Every child is a book for this world to read and you are the author.  You’re doing a great job!  Pretty soon that 3 yrs old that got into your plant and smeared dirt all over the living room will be a 23 yrs old college student. See the good in these hard days bestie they are gone

The days are long but the years are short.

Be encouraged friends

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t good. 

I pray that we would have eyes to see the good in our hard times. 

 Have you ever experienced  good in a hard time? Let us know.. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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