Let’s remember

I know.. I know.. this may seem a bit hypocritical as I post this. But we all need to stinking hear it..

Put the dang  phone down and go make memories! Splash in the puddle with your kids.  Make waffles with your hubs. Enjoy a coffee date with a friend.  Whatever it is let’s make memories that don’t have to exist on our phone!  Live and love in the moment and soak it up fully!  This weekend make a memory that doesn’t  live on a screen. Show that person they are worth your time and your eyes and scrolling thumbs! 

Here’s to a weekend with our phones faced down and and our eyes up to take in this beautiful life! ||painting  by jenna kutcher


11 Replies to “Let’s remember”

  1. So true! We always have our phone in hand: at the table, when walking or even our with friends and family. It’s so nice being able to put the phones away and actually doing things with people💛

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