Are you a morning person?

 Do you barely make it out of bed? Or are you up with the sun?

I find that there is a stillness in the morning. There is a joy that can only be found in the starting of a clean slate. Yesterday had it’s worries and stress AND  we can leave those there! Yesterday can have em’

Today, ahh yes, today  I challenge you to take  a few moments. Before the ups and downs  of the day are thrown at you just simply quiet your mind. Focus on all that the day has to offer, and  turn on your joy yo! Here you can lay down any fear or anxiety and pick up the courage to do all that you we’re made to do. You’ve got this! 


14 Replies to “Mornings”

  1. Love this! So excited to read more of what’s on your heart and the encouragement you have to share! If anyone has wisdom on how to choose joy ,it’s you! Looking forward to more!!!


  2. Really concise but effective post! I’m not usually a morning person, and although I used to be, I fell out of the habit. But mornings really are a good time to self reflect and effective at helping us do so! 🙂


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