The Better Way.

So many negative thoughts and words these days.

Mother Theresa said it bestπŸ‘†

When we are are so busy with our negativity and hate we leave no room for compassion  and love.

Choose to love  even when it hurts. 

Good for you.Β 

​Its hard to experience disappointment or suffering and pain but,my friends I promise you there can be good found woven in to all these things. We go through different  times in our lives and can feel stuck  or just plain disappointed at where we are. We feel unseen or even helpless at times. I want to take a moment to speak to you where you’re at today. 
First,to the disappointed ones- . The growth found in the waiting. The character that was carved through patience.  The strength  that was formed in the unknowing.  There’s hope and something better awaits you in perfect time! Don’t give up. 

 Next,to those struggling with sickness or with  loved ones who are .I  ask you to cling on to hope and have open arms to receive help when help is given.To let compassion and sympathy for others grow in your heart. To see the love that fights and stands by your bedside. To allow something greater than all of us to bring rest to your weary heart.We can find glimpses of good whether its found in a home cooked meal brought over by a neighbor, or the reconnecting of a relationship during this difficult time.  These small moments are nothing less than good to be received and cherished. 

To the underappreciated worker- you are seen!  Your hardwork will pay off in due season, and sometimes things done in silence speak louder than things done for mans approval.

 Lastly,to the mama covered in banana  that gave up her day job. And feels overwhelmed and grieving her glory days-

 YOU’RE  doing great things! 

  I know it’s  hard ..but you’re writing the greatest stories ever told! The pages are filled with memories of fort making,finger painting,story times and sweet snuggles.Every child is a book for this world to read and you are the author.  You’re doing a great job!  Pretty soon that 3 yrs old that got into your plant and smeared dirt all over the living room will be a 23 yrs old college student. See the good in these hard days bestie they are gone

The days are long but the years are short.

Be encouraged friends

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t good. 

I pray that we would have eyes to see the good in our hard times. 

 Have you ever experienced  good in a hard time? Let us know.. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Fall

Happy Fall everyone! Days getting shorter leaves getting brighter. For alot of people fall is their favorite time of  year.  For me.. I’m a summer girl. Give me the sunshine and a pool or a beach! Now don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the fall.. I love thanksgiving and all of its goodness as well as fall bonfires with yummy smores, and beautiful colored leaves.   But one of my favorite activities  to do in the fall is to hop to our local farmers market. I pack up my sweet little and we meet up with my fellow mom squad friends. I love taking in all thats been harvested from the springs rain and my summers sun. I LOVE IT. Oh and there’s amazing  coffee too!  Who wouldn’t love that?!  I hope you all are enjoying your first day of fall!

What’s your favorite fall activity?

New beginnings.

Oh new beginnings.   Exciting yet terrifying! Just as soon as we feel excited about something new  its just about then  when a wave of uncertainty  rushes over.   Some thrive on change while others cling to the mundane.  I’ve found  that there is a beautiful balance. The balance of blooming where your planted,and being opened to  new adventures. That’s scary yall.. How do you live with open arms yet hold on? Oh and don’t even get  me started on the Big D word… yea you guessed it.. DISAPPOINTMENT. Ugh this one hurts real bad!  When we’ve tried something new,took a leap of faith, and it was totally not what we thought it was going to be. Thats the worst! We feel like  a failure and afraid to dream again,but if we’d truly look deep into those moments of disappointment I  guarantee you that we’d see  good. Whether our strength was made stronger, or ventured to a place we’ve never known,maybe even met a new person that became a friend. It’s here where we have the choice to focus on the pain of the disappointment or open or eyes to the opportunity we were given. 

As this next season is upon us I challenge us all not to grieve what was or what could’ve been, but instead celebrate the pieces that make our memories..

Here’s to new seasons and  learning how to hold on as we let go!!


The Joy co.

Magic Monday

This Monday is brought to you by COFFEE. Getting the morning nectar of the gods and telling myself… Self, This is a great week to have a great week! Alright ya’ll let’s set those goals and crush em!

What do you have going on for the week?!.  What are you looking forward to? Any celebrations or date nights or really important meetings?!

Comment below we wanna share it with you and  hear all about  it!πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Let’s remember

I know.. I know.. this may seem a bit hypocritical as I post this. But we all need to stinking hear it..

Put the dang  phone down and go make memories! Splash in the puddle with your kids.  Make waffles with your hubs. Enjoy a coffee date with a friend.  Whatever it is let’s make memories that don’t have to exist on our phone!  Live and love in the moment and soak it up fully!  This weekend make a memory that doesn’t  live on a screen. Show that person they are worth your time and your eyes and scrolling thumbs! 

Here’s to a weekend with our phones faced down and and our eyes up to take in this beautiful life! ||painting  by jenna kutcher


Are you a morning person?

 Do you barely make it out of bed? Or are you up with the sun?

I find that there is a stillness in the morning. There is a joy that can only be found in the starting of a clean slate. Yesterday had it’s worries and stress AND  we can leave those there! Yesterday can have em’

Today, ahh yes, today  I challenge you to take  a few moments. Before the ups and downs  of the day are thrown at you just simply quiet your mind. Focus on all that the day has to offer, and  turn on your joy yo! Here you can lay down any fear or anxiety and pick up the courage to do all that you we’re made to do. You’ve got this! 

Who am I?


Bonus points if you know this song.. if not thats ok.( I still  like you)

WARNING- I like exclamation points, and probably use commas in the wrong places. Also it hurts my brain to try to write perfectly.SO..if you’re looking for that, you won’t find that here. Woosh.. Now that we got that out of the way!! 

Hi.. Hello.. How are ya?!  My name is Rachel Hughes or on the streets they call me Ray Ray. I’m just kidding, but seriously my name is Rachel.

I’m a wifey to my stud man of a husband Curtis and mama bear to my little Emery Genevieve(shes fancy!)

I like to be inspired, and inspire others.My goal here at the joy company is to share of the power of joy,and join along side of a company of people who feel the same way!  

Whether it’s sharing a story, a good laugh, or learning something new, this created space in my little corner of the inter webs is safe. It’s a safe place to enjoy,be enjoyed,and all are welcomed!

 I hope you find a little piece of yourself in these pages, and come away with your head held higher, and your heart more free. Hopefully  we can learn and grow together on this  crazy wild ride called life!

Cheers, and here’s to brighter days!!